Rustic Country Decor

Rustic Country Decor

Farmhouse Decor With Kirkland’s Farmhouse Decor you can get the rustic look of down-home country decor in any room in your home. Distressed finishes, primary colors, and chicken wire accents give farmhouse style all the country charm you could ever want. From rooster decor to French country style, farmhouse home decor packs big country style in every little detail. Give your home that cozy farmhouse feeling today!
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Rustic Country Decor

With Kirkland’s Farmhouse Decor you can get the rustic look of down-home country decor in any room in your home. Distressed finishes, primary colors, and chicken wire accents give farmhouse style all the country charm you could ever want. From rooster decor to French country style, farmhouse home decor packs big country style in every little detail. Give your home that cozy farmhouse feeling today!
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Rustic Country Decor

Whatever your dream for a rustic look, you are sure to find something in this collection that will help you along. Many of these projects are so easy to do and you can complete them in less than a day. Some make wonderful gifts as well so if you know someone else who just loves the country, rustic look, make them something to brighten their own décor. The projects use all sorts of materials, many of which are really inexpensive or even cheap in some cases.
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Rustic Country Decor

Here’s another great décor piece that is made from driftwood but you could use any wood that you find outside. It’s a gorgeous necklace holder and definitely has that rustic country look to it. It’s also really easy to make and since you grab the wood from outside, it’s virtually free, too. The old rustic drawer pulls really give it that farmhouse look and you can find those at flea markets and thrift stores if you don’t have any on hand.
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Rustic Country Decor

Add a little rustic décor to your walls by building a wooden mail sorter. Not only does this give you beautiful rustic décor, it also serves a very handy function by keeping mail neatly organized. You just need a few pieces of wood and some small coat hooks at the bottom to hang your keys. Stain it in any color you want and you have a very functional and very beautiful sorter. Source – Vintagenewsjunkie , Foxhollowcottage
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Rustic Country Decor

Technically this is not a DIY video; it goes by very fast and there are no narrated instructions. That is because it was put together to promote a finished product available here dfmmc.com. But if you have experience welding, it is not all that hard to follow along and figure out the steps and write them down. I might get lazy and buy one … but I love making things, so I definitely will be giving it a try. Whether you buy one ready-made or weld your own, I hope you love this rack as much as I do. What an awesome discovery! If you love rustic decorating you must check out our 85 Rustic storage projects and 40 Rustic home decorating ideas.
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Rustic Country Decor

If you need a new headboard and you want to give your bedroom a great country look, you can create a rustic headboard from that looks like an old barn door. This project can be done with just about any material you want but if you really want the rustic look, you can use pallet boards and old barn wood. Source – Oldworldgardenfarms
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Rustic Country Decor

If you can’t find a rustic old wooden crate lid for décor, just make one yourself. This easy and quick project will give you the perfect farmhouse décor for any room. You’ll want to choose what crate lid you want to display and then just transfer to your wood, which is actually a lot easier than it sounds. Add some old looking hinges and you’ve got a great lid that looks like it came straight from the old general store.
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If you have a bar in the kitchen or dining room, these bar stools are a great way to country up your décor. They can be built for under $100, which is much less than you would pay for them at a home décor store, and the plans are really easy. These would be great to go along with your DIY farmhouse table.
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I love the simplicity of this DIY apple wreath and it really does bring the country indoors, doesn’t it? Plastic apples of all sizes combine with a burlap ribbon and a rustic wood frame to create this wreath display. This is great for any time of the year or you could even add some seasonal touches to make it match up for any holiday. The backboard of the frame is a chalkboard, too, or just create the wreath and hang it on the door.
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Succulents are my favorite plants….mostly because they’re so hard to kill. Anyway, these rustic succulent pots are perfect for adding a touch of country to your home, and they’re really easy, and inexpensive, to make. The great aqua color brings a warm ambiance and really makes you think of the beach, right? It’s also a great look for that farmhouse touch.
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So if you’re looking for a rustic country look, pallets are the best way to go. You really can do a lot with them, like these great pallet signs. Just use stencils to create whatever message you want. I love these for dressing up the front porch, maybe with a distress white rocking chair or a porch swing?
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Metal mugs really take me back to my grandparent’s old home place. You can use those enamel mugs to create this neat organizer that can hold towels, flowers, or anything you want, really. The old barn wood holder also adds to the whole rustic country look and the overall project is really easy. You can easily attach the mugs with screws or if you don’t want to put a hole in them, use metal clamps to hold them in place.
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Whether you use this solely for decoration or you want to serve guests their coffee or tea, you have to admit that adding this beautiful farmhouse coffee tray to your home is appealing. You use an old cutting board, or a new one that you stain and distress if you need to, and just add rustic looking handles. There are many ways that you can do this coffee tray and all of them are perfect for adding a little country to your home.
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Ok, so if your yard is filled with twigs and small branches, put them to use. You can hot glue those small twigs to glass or plastic candle holders to create beautifully rustic décor. Once you have them all in place and secured with hot glue, tie a burlap or satin bow around to really make them special. Source – Pinterest Originals
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Also, I’ve recently added 40 rustic home decor that you’re going to want to check out. By the way, there are some great bathroom vanities that follow along that farmhouse look in my 20 gorgeous bathroom vanities post. Be sure to check those out, too.
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A rusty old paint can may seem like trash, but you can actually repurpose it into an amazing flower holder, and one that gives you a great farmhouse look for your front porch. Just sand the can down a bit if you need to and hang it on a great rustic hanger. This is the perfect way to add some new décor and clear up some trash at the same time.
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These twine pears are made from light bulbs. If your house is like mine, you tend to go through quite a few light bulbs in a month. Instead of throwing them out, use them to create these lovely pears which will also bring a bit of country into your home. Just wrap the twine around the bulbs. They’re the perfect shape for creating pears and they’re definitely going to be your favorite décor.
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décor for your home. On our site, we have featured so many amazing projects, everything from these 55 farmhouse furniture and décor ideas to these more contemporary projects. And now I have something new to share with you that I know you
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This project is basically free and is a great way to display your favorite photos or art that the kids have made. You just glue twigs together to match around a frame, and you can do this in any size frame you need. Remember that farmhouse style is about the simple things, and this rustic twig frame fits that philosophy perfectly.
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There are so many great projects in here that will help you to turn your kitchen into a farmhouse dream. This reclaimed wood vent hood is definitely one of them. I love how rustic it turns the kitchen and it’s a really easy, not to mention inexpensive, project. The barn wood look definitely screams farmhouse, and I love how it transforms the entire kitchen instantly.

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